Upgrade History

The following list shows all available program updates along with a feature overview.

Version 3.1.14              Minor Update

  • Supports GLL Plug-In API v1.2.1:
    The entire mechanical configuration of a line array can now be set via the GLL Plug-In API. For details please see the updated SDK v1.2.1.
  • Bug fixes for weight display:
    • Corrected conversion factor to lbs.
    • Weight updated after switching box types.
  • Further bug fixes:
    • Line array presets correctly set box filters.
    • Changing the input configuration always resets filter settings properly.
    • Various issues fixed related to Copy/Paste Setup for line arrays.
    • Filters set by a GLL plug-in are now saved correctly to an XGLC configuration file.

Version 3.1.12              Minor Update

  • Supports GLL Plug-In API v1.1.0:
    Geometry data and grouping information for the audience zones and audience areas of the project of EASE Focus 3 can now be retrieved via the GLL Plug-In API. For details please see the updated SDK v1.1.0.

Version 3.1.11              Maintenance Update

  • Bug fix for setting splay angles of line array elements via GLL Plug-In API. For specific GLL configurations, angles have been mixed up.

Version 3.1.10              Maintenance Update

  • Bug fix for GLL Plug-In API: Position and orientation of line arrays or loudspeakers can now be set properly.

Version 3.1.9              Minor Update

  • Supports GLL Plug-In API v1.0.2:
    Line array splay angles can now be set using the API. For details please see the updated SDK v1.0.2.
  • Bug fix: Minimum box counts as defined by GLL correctly supported.
  • Several minor bug fixes.

Version 3.1.7              Minor Update

  • New menu command “Transfer FIR Filters” in File menu allows sending FIR coefficients to supporting DSP control software.
  • Bug fix: After copying a line array setup the gain drop-down boxes of the target array do not affect the mapping anymore.
  • Several bug fixes for saving configuration (XGLC) files of sound sources.
  • Bug fix for Output Channel module of GLL Plug-In API, only affects GLLs with plug-ins.
  • Bug fix for AFMG Database Service for rare access right issues.

Version 3.1.5              Maintenance Update

  • Bug fix for error after selecting a saved window layout and restarting the software.
    • Saved window layouts, which in the past would have been migrated to new program versions, will be discarded by this update.
    • Companies distributing EASE Focus with their own customized default configuration need to update the *.config file.
  • Bug fix for layout problems with GLL plug-ins in high DPI applications.

Version 3.1.3              Maintenance Update

  • Bug fix for splay angles shown in print report.
  • Several small bug fixes throughout the program.

Version 3.1.1              Major Update

  • New GLL Plug-In API implemented. SDK now available for third parties.
  • Secondary Properties window added for Sound Sources with a GLL Plug-In.
  • Improved display of sound sources status messages and project status information.
  • Print report now shows sound source status messages.
  • Numerous bug fixes throughout the program.
  • Several bug fixes for FIRmaker GUI windows, calculation performance, and memory management.

Version 3.0.18              Maintenance Update

    Various smaller and larger bug fixes such as…
  • Flickering bug in Top View mapping resolved.
  • Side View zoom improved for line arrays.
  • Fixed bug when loading projects with specific DLL/GLL system definitions.
  • Paste Setup now copies general Filter settings correctly.
  • Several cosmetic issues resolved related to Spanish and other language translations.

Version 3.0.15              New Version Release

  • "Complex Summation" allows coherent summation between different sound sources, taking delay and phase into account.
    • A cut-off frequency can be set by the user. Frequencies above this are summed using power summation.
    • Gain, delay, and polarity have been added as parameters to single loudspeakers.
    • Modeling of subwoofer arrays becomes possible due to "Complex Summation". Any combination of subs can be entered manually.
    • Loudspeakers unlocked by the manufacturer can be added as pre-configured subwoofer arrays.
      Version 3.0 supports linear arrays only.
  • Polar coordinate entry for audience areas and zones relative to a reference point.
  • Performance improvements & results caching for use of up to 40 sound sources.
  • "Move active sound sources" allows manipulation of multiple sound sources at once.
  • Stacking loudspeakers, sound sources "drop" into position according to their physical dimensions.
  • Snap to mounting height, line arrays can be aligned with the upper and lower height limits of a venue by hotkey.
  • Extended copy & paste features for line arrays.
  • Gain grouping for line arrays where multiple cabinets are driven by a single amplifier.
  • Overlap regions highlight splay angles in the line array properties and in the side- and levels views.
  • Synchronized view limits for side view and levels view.
  • Database for handling of GLL files provides better functionality when working with larger numbers of system definitions.
  • FIRmaker target curve allows optimization to match the frequency response at a given receiver position.