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November/December 2013 - Presentations on FIRmaker Optimization and how it improves Speech Intelligibility

2013-12-06 09:13

Dr. Wolfgang Ahnert Dr. Wolfgang Ahnert presented at this year's Reproduced Sound in Manchester, UK from November 12th to 14th. The topic "Improving Speech Intelligibility Using Numerical Sound System Optimization" proved highly interesting to a large audience. Private talks following the session confirmed the strong interest in the expanded capabilities AFMG's new FIRmaker Technology has to offer.

 presentation at ASA, Dec. 
2013     Ana Jaramillo

Another speech on a similar topic was held by Ana Jaramillo, member of AFMG's team in the US, at the 166th Meeting of the ASA in San Francisco. “Put your sound where it belongs” was attended by more than 80 listeners – mostly researchers.

Download the full presentation here

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