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EASE Focus - More than 50 Licensees!

2014-02-14 16:40

AFMG is proud to declare that the success of EASE Focus 2 continues. By the end of 2013, more than 50 loudspeaker brands have been licensed for use with the world's
most-installed sound system simulation tool!

The past months have seen a further increase in downloads and installs of the software. Continously more than 1,000 monthly installs from AFMG's website alone are a tremendous amount. The rising number of licensees is proof of concept and a large compliment to AFMG. EASE Focus 2 remains to be the most flexible and all-encompassing simulation software for direct sound dispersion employed worldwide.

With the integration of FIRmaker optimization technology in Focus 2.5 AFMG takes another large step in the right direction. For manufacturers who have also licensed FIRmaker technology EASE Focus 2.5 will enable the full optimization power. - The release of EASE Focus 2.5 is expected for March 2014.

Loudspeaker manufacturers interested in supplying their data to the EASE Focus community, please contact AFMG directly:

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