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EASE Focus 3 Loudspeaker Database Growing Fast

2016-05-16 16:50

Number of EASE Focus 3 Downloads within the First Two Months

Released on March 10, 2016, EASE Focus 3 has been breaking its own records in the first few months on the market already. Although at AFMG we know that there is a large and active user base, we have been overwhelmed by the community’s enthusiastic reaction to the new version. EASE Focus 2 typically counted about 1000 downloads per month. Now EASE Focus 3 has been downloaded by more than 20 000 users within the first two months only!

Probably the most important reason for EASE Focus’ unsurpassed success is its universal support by most of the world’s leading loudspeaker manufacturers. In the past, EASE Focus 2 had already been adapted by about 60 professional brands as their simulation and optimization tool of choice. Almost all of these brands have immediately made the transition to EASE Focus 3. More manufacturers are working on adding new or updating existing GLL system definitions. At this point, AFMG is happy to announce the sale of another 120 licenses to 10 loudspeaker companies since the release of EASE Focus 3. Judging from the very positive feedback that we received from both users as well as manufacturers, we expect the loudspeaker database to keep growing strongly over the course of the year.

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