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EASE Focus 2.5 with FIRmaker Released

2014-03-04 22:35

2013 will be remembered as the "FIRmaker year" at AFMG. After years of research on the optimization technology, our developers, now, had the chance to integrate the revolutionary approach with the practical aspects of large scale sound systems. Thanks to the support of a dozen enthusiastic FIRmaker customers, a feature set has been compiled to make FIRmaker optimizations easy and fast to use, providing exactly the options necessary for quick, to the point FIR filter tuning on site.

Employing EASE Focus 2 as the first host application was the logical step to take. In 2013 the list of EASE Focus 2 licensees has passed 50 brands - all of which can now immediately and effortlessly benefit from FIRmaker optimization when licensing the technology. In the coming years, FIRmaker will also become available in other AFMG programs as well as third-party software.

Even though a large amount of work was invested into the FIRmaker adaptations, EASE Focus 2 itself has undergone several enhancements. A comprehensive list of new features includes

  • FIRmaker optimizations available for all brands that publicly licensed the technology.
  • Define target areas and areas to avoid for optimizations in EASE Focus 2.
  • Group multiple cabinets to one FIR channel before optimizing.
  • Set automatic equlization options before running optimizations to achieve a desired system response.
  • Owners of FIRmaker Generator licenses can save FIR filters to file or write them directly into supported devices.
  • Long list of verified and supported DSPs available.
  • Geometry entry in EASE Focus 2 has been improved.
  • Single loudspeakers can be rotated to support under-balcony systems, lying front fills or the like.
  • Rigging details now provide information on the bottom angle and height of an array to allow easy installation using inclinometers.
  • Array configurations can be exported for further use in EASE to speed up work of system designers, specifyers, and consultants.

Only one year after the introduction of FIRmaker technology, AFMG will release EASE Focus 2.5, the first software tool with FIRmaker integration, at ProLight + Sound fair on March 12, 2014.

As in the past, EASE Focus 2 will remain free for use by the end user.


A typical church installation with professional line array but not yet optimized. The same setup after FIRmaker optimization has been applied. 


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