Next Generation of Programmable Extensions for GLLs

The GLL Plug-In API gives loudspeaker manufacturers the possibility to independently develop powerful plug-ins for their GLLs.

GLL Plug-Ins can expand the modelling capabilities of GLLs to cover innovative features of high-end loudspeaker systems.

The current feature set of the Application Programming Interface (API) allows to define your own safety calculations and to display all relevant information in a custom properties window. Complement your loudspeaker’s GLL model by adding modern beam steering technology, set up automated EQ filters, display customized messages in the simulation program based on the line array configuration, print additional data to the project report, and more.

The Plug-Ins can be developed by manufacturers, their partner laboratories, or third-party service providers, by means of a Software Development Kit (SDK) provided by AFMG. Loudspeaker companies are now free to define their own development schedule and scope to expand the capabilities of their GLLs.

End users can then easily import the GLL including the Plug-In into EASE Focus v3.1 and higher.

GLL Plug-Ins are added to GLLs created with EASE SpeakerLab.



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