EASE Focus News

New Opportunity for Improved Loudspeaker Presentation in EASE® Focus 3

Recently extended with line array optimization functions, the GLL Plug-In API for EASE Focus 3 can be used by loudspeaker manufacturers to show innovative features of their loudspeaker systems and thus boost their application in practice.

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Educational Opportunities for EASE Users During Covid-19

As an EASE user, there are a range of resources you can refer to during this time to improve your skills with the software. Here we have summarized some of the most valuable references.

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Freevox Strengthens AFMG® Distribution in France

In December 2020, Freevox became AFMG’s new distribution partner in France with Thibaud Mézard as product specialist.

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AFMG Loudspeaker Data Authorization – Key Factor for Successful Market Placement

Especially in the Covid-19 crisis, it is essential for loudspeaker manufacturers to give their products the best start as well as to continuously expand their reach. AFMG® is now offering substantial relief on investments in software licenses for loudspeakers for a limited time...

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