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EASE Focus 2.2: Add front fills and delay lines to your line array setup!

2012-11-14 17:09

EASE Focus – A Success Story

With more than 1,000 downloads per month, EASE Focus 2 is probably the most-installed sound system simulation tool worldwide.

Three simple reasons provide explanation for this success:

  • EASE Focus is the only free loudspeaker system design and simulation software open to all manufacturers.
  • EASE Focus is the only such software supporting different brands in the same project.
  • EASE Focus is free for the end user.

With the release of Version 2.2, our developers here at AFMG continue to add further features, making the software even more valuable to system technicians around the world.


Support for Conventional Loudspeakers – New in EASE Focus 2.2

The October-Update of EASE Focus 2 brings full support for Windows 7 & 8 and doubles the maximum number of sources supported in a project; a prerequisite for the main novelty in the number one PA simulation tool: EASE Focus 2.2 can now model conventional loudspeakers within a mixed system together with line arrays and digitally steered columns! System technicians will be able to integrate normal “box-type” loudspeakers provided by their manufacturers into a complex setup.

The number of use-cases is incredible:

  • Front-fills,
  • Side-fills,
  • Under-balcony systems,
  • Delay lines etc.
  • ... in all possible combinations with the main systems!

This new option really provides a leap for the planning work of engineers and system technicians especially in the rental business.

Early Adopters: Good Reasons for EASE Focus 2.2

French-based leading companies Amadeus and APG are among the first manufacturers to provide EASE Focus data for their complete range of loudspeakers. We have asked them, "Which key factors led to your decision?"


We wanted to provide APG users with a fast and accurate “on the go” modeling solution for touring system techs as well as a more in-depth evaluation tool for acoustic consultants. Since the launch of APG’s GLL data in April 2012, our customers have implemented many successful installations, from distributed sound systems to major, high power line arrays using EASE Focus 2.2. Coverage and SPL predictions are very close to reality. As a result, it has also proven to be a useful sales support tool.
- Mathieu Delquignies, Product Manager APG


It seemed vital to us to offer Amadeus users data they could use within a well-known, powerful and above all free interface! That is why we decided to extend our EASE Focus license, originally dedicated to line array DIVA systems, to PMX Series coaxial systems and to ML Series bass speakers.
- Gaetan Byk, Marketing Manager Amadeus

Further manufacturers are currently supplying conventional loudspeaker data for Focus 2.2 such as LAX, RCF and Renkus-Heinz.

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