EASE Focus Downloads

EASE Focus 2 - Release 2.5.10

EASE Focus 2.5.10  - Installer for the EASE Focus 2 Acoustic Modeling Software (Program and Demo Data)
Size: 23 MB

The installer includes DEMO data as an example to test the functionality offered by our FIRmaker technology.

Language versions included:
German, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French.

EASE Focus 2 runs on Microsoft Windows XP or higher.
Microsoft Windows XP: Please install Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or higher.

EASE Focus 1 - Release v1.62

EASEFocus162_demo.zip - Installer for the EASE Focus v1 Aiming Software

Size: 2 MB
Notes: The installer also includes two imaginary arrays as an example. EASE Focus is a software that only runs on Microsoft Windows.
The language of the software can be switched from within the program (Options, F9).
EASE Focus 1 runs on Microsoft Windows XP to Microsoft Windows 7.
All Microsoft Windows Versions: Please install Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1
and Service Pack 1 for Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1.

Apple Macintosh

Currently, there is no version of EASE Focus 2 available for the Apple Macintosh platform. Please use tools like Parallels or Bootcamp in the meantime.